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Mastery of the Alphabet (Fancy Fingers Round 2)

The Alphabet

This week, I focused on the alphabet and really becoming familiar with the signs and some spelling. To help with this, instead of watching the Sign Language 101 YouTube Video on the Alphabet, I used the app on my iPhone, ASL: American Sign Language. This app provided pictures of the alphabet signs. I followed along and said the letters aloud as I learned. I then turned my phone facing down and tested myself by signing the alphabet without looking at my phone.

Spelling with the Alphabet: Months of the Year

After practicing the alphabet for a few days, I attempted learning the months of the year, which is simply spelling the abbreviation of each month out. For example, January is J-A-N, February is F-E-B, March is M-A-R, and so on. This was also learned from the ASL: American Sign Language app on my phone. I am seeming to prefer the accessibility of it and the constant visuals. I can refer back to these images, look at them until I correspond them, where as with the videos, I feel rushed at times. At first, I thought, "Alright, this will be easy!" and I found myself struggling and pausing frequently. The more I practiced it, the more mixed up I felt. I had to practice in small amounts. I found that I related to a grade 1 student who knows the letters and sounds of the alphabet individually, but is now beginning to put those sounds together in an order that is not alphabetical. It can be totally overwhelming!

Days of the Week

Learning days of the week (again from the app) I found to be easier. The first letter of that day (with the exception of Sunday and Thursday) is used and your hand is to go in a clockwise horizontal motion while holding that sign of the letter.

Useful Phrases and Words in Emergency

Being a future educator learning ASL, I think of times in the classroom that knowing ASL may be useful is learning the word "help" and the phrases around it. I was not able to find the resource on either of my apps, so I went to Google and searched it. Through the search, I found this video. Wanting more of a phrase, I discovered this video that presents how to sign, "What is wrong"?" I am quickly learning that there are such a wide variety of places to learn sign using the internet!

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