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ASL: Let's Get This Party Started!

I have been SO looking forward to learn the American Sign Language (ASL). I believe that this skill will be useful in a variety of ways. Learning another language opens so many doors to new connections and relationships. I do not know a drop of ASL, but I am here, and ready to get this party started!

When I first heard that a learning project was involved in this course, my mind rushed through various ideas of painting, drawing, music, dancing, and decor. I am the artistic/musical type, therefore, it is common of myself to lean toward something that is comfortable to me. On my own time, I have learned a variety of artist techniques as well as 6 instruments through a combination of concert band and YouTube. Since it is my last semester, I really wanted to challenge myself and do something truly meaningful, which brings me here! I have always been so fascinated by the American Sign Language, but I know that learning a new language can be very complex and tough. This class has granted me the perfect excuse to explore something that I have always been curious about, and I am ready to make the most of this opportunity!

In order to build my knowledge in ASL, I plan to watch free weekly YouTube video lessons from Sign Language 101 Online, as well as any fun, additional phrases that I wish to learn (more than likely through YouTube). I also have found a couple mobile free apps that I have downloaded onto my personal phone. One of the apps I have downloaded also has a quick-view chart of the ASL alphabet, which I believe will become very convenient for me, if I am trying to recall a few letters and do not want to go back and look in the video. Based upon another student's idea (that I just LOVED), I have decided that it would be fun and motivational for me to create an ongoing Pinterest Board consisting of a variety of ideas, techniques and additional tips.Having these extra apps and websites on my personal device will enable me to bring learning ASL not just on the computer, but whenever I wish to. It makes it easy to access, as well as brings learning ASL into my personal life, having me become more involved in the language.

Photo Credit: Tyssul Patel, via QuoteFancy

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