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Learning how to use these Fancy Fingers

This week, I watched Learn your ABC's and Lesson 1: Gestures and Body Language on the Sign Language 101 Online YouTube channel. The ABC's were slightly overwhelming, so I will continue to practice them at least once a day, in hopes that I will be able to eventually sign it all fluently. I learned that the ABC's are very handy, especially if you are in a situation you don't know the sign for a certain word, you can just spell it out using the ABC's.

My favourite part of Sign Language 101 Online videos, is that the teacher provides small tests (where he signs and does not speak, leaving us to guess what he is saying) at the very end of each video, after he has taught us the signs. I believe that this will help me become a better reader of other's sign as well as remember signs.

For now, I have learned, "Hello, my name is", "Numbers 1-10", and other random words like:

  • "see"

  • "hear"

  • "welcome"

  • "boat"

  • "write"

  • "come on"

  • "he" / "she"

Here are a couple videos of myself practicing, "Hello my name is T-O-R-I" and "Numbers 1-10". I talk along in the video to help both myself and viewers connect what I am signing!

I'd love to hear your feedback!

EDTC friends; leave your comments on my blog here! These comments divide onto each separate page. 🤓

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