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Happy Halloween Workshops - Week IV

Name: Tori Peterson Date: October 31st, 2018

Subject: Math & Arts Ed. Grade: 2

Content: (Topic)

Ricki and I Split 2 and 2 stations that are Halloween themed. Was a variety of English Language Arts, Arts Ed, and Mathematics.

Instructional Strategies: (specific)

Direct InstructionInteractive Instruction


N2.1: Demonstrate understanding of whole numbers to 100 (concretely, pictorially, physically, orally, in writing, and symbolically) by:

representing (including place value)describingskip countingdifferentiating between odd and even numbersestimating with referentscomparing two numbersordering three or more numbers.

CP2.3: Adopt roles and collaborate with others in role within dramatic contexts, using community as inspiration (e.g., contexts inspired by local stories and songs, photographs of local people and places, or events from real or fictional communities).


Math: (i) Analyze a sequence of numbers in order to describe the sequence in terms of a skip counting strategy (by 2s, 5s, or 10s as well as forward and backward) and extend the sequence using the pattern.

Art: (b) Adopt roles in dramatic situations and interact appropriately with others in roles drawing on imagination and own understanding of the context (e.g., community).

Prerequisite Learning:

Practice with Daily 5 stations

Differentiated Learning:

Suitable for all levels

Preparation: (Materials, resources, equipment)

- colour by number 100 chart pumpkin sheet

skip counting connect the dots ghost sheetA smart board or screen that plays youtube videos

Set: (5 min)

Explain to the students what each station focuses on (so at station 1, you are going to…”Explain how the stations work (“if you’re in group 1, and I ring the bell, where do you go next?”)

Student Engagement/Classroom Management Strategies:

- Clapping method

Development: (40 min, 10 min each station)

Station 3

Guide students through at the beginning of each switch:

Colour by number pumpkins 100 chart. Connect the dots ghosts skip counting.

Station 4

Dance with the students and show them how to do some of the movements if needed:

- This is Halloween Just Dance (3 min)


- Ghostbusters Just Dane (4 min)


- Calling all the Monsters Just Dance (3 min)


- Frozen Let it Go Just Dance (4 min)


- YMCA Just Dance


- Baby Shark



What went well? The students all loved the all of the activities

What didn’t? The teacher never saw us explain the stations and how they were going to work at the beginning, which was too bad because I thought it went really well and I felt like a teacher for the very first time!

What would you go back and change? 10 min was a bit long for some students for the just dance. Maybe 8 min each instead!

I'd love to hear your feedback!

EDTC friends; leave your comments on my blog here! These comments divide onto each separate page. 🤓

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