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My Philosophy on Relationships

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Building relationships are important because they give us the opportunity to understand the ways in which people “tick” — what makes them, them. The better we know and understand someone, the more our horizons widen, which lead us to endless opportunities.

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It is important to build relationships with students because every student “ticks” differently. They learn and adapt at different speeds, they have different likes/dislikes, they have different backgrounds. No student is the same. So when you are able to create such a bond with a student, you begin to learn and understanding the way they “tick”, which gives various opportunities to teach them in a way that that individual student will learn.

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It is important to build relationships with staff because staff members often have similar experiences teaching that can help a new teacher. There is always something to learn, always listen, do not act like you know it all.

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It is important to build relationships with families and the community because schools and students often need the community’s support. It takes a community to raise a child. It is also important because students should be taught how to be active in their own community, resulting in them becoming active citizens.

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Hosting meet the teacher events, events that involve the community (Santa Nights, school dances, fundraisers, guest speakers) are great ways to get parents into the school. If some volunteer at these events, that gets them involved with the school.

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Reaching out to parents who perhaps don’t want to be as involved is a good strategy. These parents still should receive explanation how their child is doing in school, what their child exceeds in and what their child could use some practice on. Offering to help the student’s parents in giving them tips on practices the child could be doing at home is always a good strategy as well.

Connections between family, students, teachers and the community are crucial .

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